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Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale

Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale
Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale
Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale

Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale    Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale
FLOOR CLEANING & CARPET CLEANING BUSINESS FOR SALE. (Easy Business start up anywhere in the British Isles). All you need to start your own business. Not just the equipment but also the vital business tools to get your new enterprise up running and quickly established. Professional Floor Machine (for polishing, scrubbing, stripping & abrading floor surfaces). A Tailor made Website (with relevant domain name, telephone number and 12 months free subscription).

A Comprehensive Colour Instruction Manual. A selection of Cleaning Chemicals (carpet shampoo, floor polish stripper etc).

The Bullet Points above explained in more Detail. Professional Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner (New).

It's exceptionally reliable and hugely powerful with twin motors producing an impressive 2400 watts. The machine sprays a mixture of shampoo and water into the carpet/upholstery, it then sucks up to 90% of it back out leaving the fibres fresh clean and virtually dry. Floor Machine (for polishing, scrubbing, stripping and abrading floor services). This machine is an essential tool for refurbishing or maintaining virtually any hard floor.

It comes with an oversized 1500w motor and a long life oil filled gearbox, so you know it's going to be durable and reliable. Additional Auxiliary Equipment for Carpet Cleaning (all the equipment is new). Beakers (2) (to fill up water tank).

Buckets (2) 10 litre for cleaning the machine after use. Compression Sprayer 5 litre (for applying stain removers and protection treatments). Foil (placed under legs of furniture to prevent staining).

Scraper (useful for removing gum etc). Scrubbing brushes (one hard bristles the other soft). Storage box to hold all of the above. Additional Auxiliary Equipment for Floor Cleaning (all the equipment is new).

Brush Deck for Floor Machine. Floor Cloths (Pack of 10 Large Floor Cloths).

Lambs Wool Applicator and Pole (for applying floor polish). Polishing Brush for Floor Machine. Solution Tank for Floor Machine.

Scraper (normal scraper without blade). Scrubbing Brush for Floor Machine. Scrubbing ring for Floor Machine (Protects Skirting Boards splashes).

Scrubbing Brushes (2) Hand held. Large Tough Storage Box for the above. A Website will be built specifically for you. I'll get the domain name as close to your chosen business name as possible. The website will explain everything you do and how it's done. It will be carefully worded with appropriate photographs and illustrations. Remember you won't just be able to clean carpets and hard floors but also upholstery, curtains, rugs, mattresses and other soft furnishings. Your website will include 12 months free subscription! All stationary including letter heads (500) business cards (500) and promotional leaflets (5,000) will be designed specifically for you.

Everything is in full colour and of a high quality. Included is a detailed manual that provides all the help and information you'll ever need to know about the business. Anything from setting up the machine to useful advice on stain removal. In addition there's a supplementary manual that provides helpful information about working safely, plus plenty of tips about the general running of the business. Both manuals are provided on a USB memory stick.

A wide selection of businesses have been selected that maybe interested in the services you offer. For example your local Estate Agents, they may need a property's carpets and hard floors deep cleaned before it's put on the market. You'll be provided with promotional letters in'template form' for a variety of businesses, you simply fill in the address of the local businesses which may require your services and send them off.

For Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Carpet/Upholstery Protective Spray (helps prevent staining re-soiling). Oxiclean (for help removing general unidentifiable stains). Wax and Oil Remover (5 litres). Marble and Terrazzo Cleaner (5 litres).

Defoamer (5 litres, this reduces foam in the recovery tank). Ear Muffs (a precautionary measure as the machines are not very loud). D to prevent any possibility of an electric shock. Twin Respirator Mask and Filters (not always necessary but worth having). Latex Gloves (pack of 100).

Vinyl Gloves (pack of 100). On the day you come to collect your equipment, I'll allocate the entire day to talking you through anything and everything you need to know. Answering any questions and passing on the useful knowledge I've gained during 25 years in the trade. A Brief Synopsis of the Business. It's obvious that periodically carpets and upholstery need cleaning and as most houses have them finding customers is never a problem.

What's perhaps less obvious is the need for hard floor deep cleaning, restoration and maintenance. Hard floors such as Tiled, Stone, Vinyl and even Wood need occasionally deep cleaning and general maintenance. You will be able to deep clean, strip, repair, polish, buff, wax and reseal virtually any type of hard flooring. It's surprising how many floors out there than need rejuvenating but how few people there are that do it. That's a gap in the market that needs filling.

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Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale    Floor & Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale