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Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts

Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts
Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts
Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts
Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts
Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts

Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts    Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts

UK Press Package No 4. Laptop Computer - 38x38 Clam Press - Vinyl Cutter.

Sublimation Printer - Full Training - Extras Pack. Start 2 Print is a leading supplier in the UK of heat transfer machines, vinyl cutting machines and sublimation printers. The company was started by somebody working from home, so we are well aware of the struggles people face when starting up in the print industry. UK Press Package&###xA0;No 4.

If you have done some research in to heat press machines, you will understand that almost all machines look the same, or at least very similar. This is not the case though in performance. This range of machines are excellent quality for the entry user.

Rest assured that the UK Press range of heat press machines are very well made and get our stamp of approval. &###xA0; We have put these start up packages&###xA0;together to save you the hassle of finding the other components that you may need such as printers or vinyl cutters to go with the heat press machines, you can order one of our packages&###xA0;and then come to our training&###xA0; suite for full training on how to use it all properly, this means no mistakes or time wasted. This package&###xA0;is aimed at the user that would like to gain knowledge in the industry, gain after sales support and get excellent hands on training. UK Press - 38cm x 38cm Clam Heat Press Machine. &###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&##x200B.

Full Set of Sublispalsh Sublimation Ink. &###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;Comprehensive Training.

&###xA0;and you will also get. Instructions on how to use The Cutting Software. Instructions on how to use Photoshop Elements. Installation Instructions for The Cutter.

Installation Instructions for The Ricoh Printer with Sublisplash Ink. Sublimation Colour Profile with Installation Instructions. Times & Temperatures for over 40 different items.

Basic Start Up Instructions & Machine Maintenence Helpsheet. &###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;The Extras Pack. This offer will end soon. 4GB Ram &###x2013;&###xA0;500GB Hard Drive (minimum). &###xA0;We always use a top brand laptop such as Hp, Asus, Lenovo or Toshiba etc. &###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;These machines come from The Stone Group in Staffordshire, professionally refurbished and working perfectly.

Photoshop Elements - Lifetime Version. IDesign Studio&###xA0;- Lifetime Version.

SignCut Pro - 12 Months Subscription. We will also do the same for the iDesign studio, showing you how to trace images, add and create text and then cut them out. UK Press 38cm x 38cm Clam Heat Press Machine.

The UK Press&###xA0;38x38cm Heat Press machine has a digital controller for regulating the time and temperature and has a very simple, easy to use pressure adjustable handle. Easy to use pressure adjustable handle. 9mm Silicone Pad on lower platen. 0 - 245c Temperature Range.

0 - 999 Seconds Time Range. This heat press is excellent quality, as are all of our presses. Optical Eye for laser guided cutting.

Stand with vinyl holding rollers. Biro Pen attachment to allow a sketching function. Lifetime Vinyl Master Pro Subscription. Compatible with most other software packages available.

USB & Device Driver installation files. We give a full demonstration of the cutter you choose to go with your package, we show you how to set it up, what speed and force to set it on and we also cut a design out on it to show how it all works. The Ricoh SG3110dn sublimation printing system is the industry's best available for sublimation. The SG3110dn produces bright, high definition images with unsurpassed ease of use. Uses new Sublisplash HD cartridges - a newly formulated ink designed to provide a higher yield and more vibrant colours with the best black available in any sublimation ink &##xA0. Maximum Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi Software Recommendations: Coreldraw X6 or later, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop or Creative Cloud, Photoshop Elements 12 and later. PC OS Requirements: Windows 7, 8 Professional, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate, Windows 10 Mac OS Requirements: 10.6 and later. This printer is the best available on the market, when used with the Sublisplash Ink Colour profile the black is the deepest black you will get with a sublimation printer, it is perfect and the colour vibrancy is phenomenal. We will print a few things out using this printer during your training! Sublisplash is a new, digital sublimation ink, brought to you by leading sublimation specialists.

Recently launched at FESPA, Sublisplash offers an advanced solution for the desktop sublimation printing market. Developed and manufactured in the EU, Sublisplash delivers high definition performance and vibrant colours, taking creative imaging to the next level.

ICC Colour Profile Management Included. We used to sell sawgrass cartridges but ran tests and these ones perform much better and the colour vibrancy is better too. 100 sheets of Grade A Sublimation Paper. 2 Meters of Clothing Vinyl. 2 Meters of Sign Vinyl.

1 Roll of Heat Tape. Photoshop Elements Tutorial Course - Pre loaded on to laptop. Links to download thousands of free fonts. A selection of pre made wall art designs. A selection of vector images. Every language flag in the world. Written step by step instructions of everything covered in our demonstration. The extra's pack is only available with this package for free for a limited time, it will then be available in our shop for &###xA3;199&##xA0. Full Basic Software Demonstration to include building templates, tracing images, working with layers, importing designs + much more. We design some text and show you how to trace designs and logos enabling you to cut them out on your cutter/plotter.

We cut the design out that we have created using your cutter/plotter and we show you the best way of weeding (getting rid of excess vinyl). We then make a t shirt printing the vinyl we have already cut and weeded using the flat heat press.

We then show you how to press sublimation print onto polyester fabric and also heat transfers used for photo images on to cotton fabric. We then explain a few other operations and give some helpful tips for you going forward. You then have the opportunity to go over anything that concerns you and ask any questions. Instructions on how to use iDesign. We have an&###xA0;instructional helpsheet, this talks you through every step of basic design.

Tracing an image and writing some text. It also shows you how to perform tasks such as tracing and sending the design to cut. Installation Instructions for the Cutter.

We have included instructions on getting your cutter&###xA0;installed on to your computer, this covers un packaging, whats what and downloading drivers from the internet. We have included comprehensive instructions of everything that we go through with photoshop elements, this is good for refreshing the memory or helping others to use the equipment. Installation Instructions for the Ricoh Printer with Sublisplash Ink.

We cover unpackaging and how to get your printer up and running, also which settings work best for sublimation printing. We provide a full colour profile so that the printer prints perfectly using sublimation ink, without a profile like this you will never get perfect results. We install this for you on your system. Basic Start up Instructions & Machine Maintenence Helpsheet.

We have written some basic instructions to help to get you going, you will also have the ability to join our member zone once you receive your bundle. Full instructions will be included about this. You will be able to make the following types of printed items. &###xA0; You can also cover wood and other items with a special coating and print on to them as well.

&###xA0; &###xA0; &###xA0; &###xA0; All of the equipment listed above is brand new with the exception of the laptop computer, these machines are reconditioned. We can always make a bespoke package&###xA0;to suit your individual needs, if you need somethiing different from what you can see, please send us a message.

Why we are different from most other heat press suppliers? Firstly we offer full training and full after sales support.

We actually make all of the products that you will be making ourselves in our own print business, we don&###x2019;t just sell the machines. This gives us an excellent understanding of the whole process from start to finish so we can give expert follow up advice when you need it. We have a product fullfillment business and also a clothing brand of our own which we make everything for ourselves with this equipment. You will learn of this when you visit us.

We supply equipment to both&###xA0;personal and business sectors&###xA0;and we have valuable advice on gaining new business, we pass this information on to you and show you how we have done it. We care about our customers, our good reputation and customer service.

IF THEY ARE ADVERTISING&###xA0;A PACKAGE &###xA0;WITH SOFTWARE ALWAYS ASK FOR THE LICENCE NUMBERS, IT'S OFTEN FRAUDULENT AND WILL GO OFF AFTER A FEW WEEKS AND ALSO MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS ASK IF YOU CAN VISIT THE BUSINESS ADDRESS BECAUSE THEY SHOULD HAVE ONE. Yes you are more than welcome to come and view the machines and see some of the cool things that you will be able to make at our unit, you would need to make an appointment so that we don't disturb any training that is underway in our training suite. 2 - Are the Heat Press machines CE stamped and safe for Uk use? Yes all of our machines come with a CE stamp, they are also P.

T tested and then packaged securely. We pride ourselves on using excellent equipment but problems can arise, its nice for you to know that we are on your side and will help as swiftly as possible. 4 - What methods of print can I do with this equipment? You can make anything that is sublimation, heat transfer or vinyl print with this equipment.

7 - How much profit can i expect to make? This is a difficult question to answer, it will all depend on what work you put in. If you are marketing your business well then you will do very well, if you don't put the work in then yes, you guessed it you won't do very well. Put the work in and we will guarantee that you will get the work back!

Here are a few costings. Mug&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0; Cost 80p&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0; Sell &###xA3;7.95. T-Shirt&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0; Cost &###xA3;1.50 &###xA0; &###xA0; Sell &###xA3;14.95. Cap&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0;&###xA0; Cost &###xA3;1.50 &###xA0; &###xA0; Sell &###xA3;12.95. If you need lots of components to get yourselves up and running then we could sell you a business start up bundle.

If you need training and guidance then we have our business start up packages, that come with full training and after sales support. Lets not forget that w. E also make all of the items that you will be making ourselves, we dont just sell equipment we - actually print things too.

Again there is lots of places you can get all of this stuff, we will give you some advice if required and we also sell the majority of these things ourselves. Ink, Consumables, Paper, Blanks & Vinyl you can get directly from us if you choose.

10 - What is Sublimation Printing? Sublimation is a printing process developed only around 20 years or so ago, so it is fairly new and it has only really became a mainstream process for small format use in the last 6-7 years or so really.

If you make a mug it is actually dishwasher safe and fade resistant, this is because once printed the ink goes under the outer layer of the actual mug and not on top of it. To print with this method you would need a heat press machine, a sublimation printer and the relevant software to design your products like Photoshop (also elements) or Corel Draw etc. 11 - How Long is The Training For? The training usually takes between 2 and&###xA0;4 hours, depending on your level of computer skill, don't worry though you can&###xA0;stay for as long as it takes, our promise is to not leave you until you are confident you can use all of the software and all of the machines, no time restrictions will apply. 13 - If I get stuck or forget something can I call the shop for a bit of advice?

The Glasheen Academy - Martial Arts & Dance. We own 14 Martial Arts schools nationwide and a few dance schools and we like to come up with our own individual new designs regularly, so we can't really commit to large volume orders as we change things up so often. After years of spending a fortune on having kits printed for my 3 youth football teams I came across these fantastic start up kits on the internet when searching for printed football strips, it was by accident that I stumbled on to the website to be honest.

I bought a package from Start 2 Print and printed our own 3 kits, home and away and I ended up saving half the cost of the equipment just this season alone. Cheers from myself and all of the kids.

Bristol University Campus - Student Union. Thanks guys for helping us set up the starter package, we really appreciate all of your help.

We are sure this will improve our set up here in the student union. We have numerous events planned throughout the year and we will now be able to make a host of fantastic merchandise up for these events.

Well what can we say, we were after a heat press and some consumables so we attended the Printwear & Promotion show at the NEC in January 2018, we ended up speaking with John on stand F52 (Start 2 Print) for around 40 minutes about all aspects of personalised printing. We also love the Cameo cutter that comes with the package, this is just brilliant.

We run an embroidery business that is quite successful and we are sure now that we can push this on with the help received from these guys. We used to outsource all of the vinyl and sublimation work, not anymore though.. We used Steve to set up our business package for making our Build A Bear range of products up. We found them to be very helpful and they even travelled to us in Northern Ireland on short notice to help us meet our demands. We are pleased and we would recommend to anybody wanting to start up in business. This helped in making my decision to use them for my equipment.

&###xA0; I went to the unit and even got a couple of cups of tea with biscuits out of them. Ok so now you need to get your equipment and training. This is the best option of getting&###xA0;your equipment and training from us, by visiting our showroom and training suite.

&###xA0;We will have it all checked, boxed up and ready top go for you. We will give you your training and then you can take your equipment with you. You basically just unbox it when you get home and away you go! Cash on Collection is fine for this option - We also have a chip and pin card machine. Your items will be checked, re boxed and then sent from our warehouse with two&###xA0;of our experienced staff members.

We will deliver your package, install it and give you your training at your address. Two staff members will be present. We highly recommend attending our training suite where possible as you will get to see just how much you can do with the equipment. Copying of either is strictly prohibited.

Inside Our Custom Built Training Suite. This is where you will come for your training, you will even get a free cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit from us :-&##xA0.

&###xA0; &###xA0; &###xA0; &###xA0; &##xA0. If you are using our unit collection option then you may pay via card or cash on collection.

All courier deliveries will be sent within 24 hours and via a signed for service, sometimes our own staff may deliver your equipment in our own van if we are in your area at that time. T's & C's.

They are also available on our website. Uk press business package number 4.

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Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts    Clothing and Sign Printing Business For Sale Start Up Kit Bundle Make T-shirts